When to Book Wine Tasting Courses in French Capital?

When did France Become Synonymous With Wine?

Discover French gastronomy

When it comes to France and wine, the country can trace back a link to the 6th Century BC, so quite a bit before Roman times. It makes perfect sense when exploring the French capital to investigate the varieties that have made French great, including the many regional varieties. When it comes to champagne not many people realise the traditional way of opening is to saber it - strike the bottle at the weakest spot with a saber - but this is one of the things you will be shown at a tasting.

What can I expect from a tasting event?

It depends on what type of Le Foodist event you wish to attend, there are three special ones to chose from. If you are a beginner you may wish to attend Introduction To French Wines; if you are more advanced and wished to know all the wine tasting techniques there is the Discover France in 6 glasses sessions. If you want to know to pair wine and cheese you might want to attend the Wine and Cheese Pairing Lunch. Both the Discover France and Wine and Cheese Pairing Lunch sessions includes learning professional Sommelier's tricks.

Is a large amount about learning wine tasting about food?

It does help with wine tasting in Paris to have something extra, but not something which will effect the flavour of the wine too much, let the smells, flavours and textures of the wine speak for themselves. Bread and ham generally is fine and there will be plenty of these at a Le Foodist tasting. If you are attending the cheese event referred to above you will learn balancing the strong flavour of cheese and sharp wines so as to not overpower your palate.